BOTM & The Grownup By: Gillian Flynn

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So, I am a member of Book of the Month (BOTM). For those of who aren’t familiar, basically, this works like one of those subscription box memberships, except this is totally better because it’s books & you get to choose which ones you receive. I literally fly through books so this is great for me because I can choose up to 3 brand new hardcover books at a discount. Clicking my link above will allow you to snag your first 3 months for $9.99 a month plus you get a FREE cute BOTM tote bag. I use mine for all my library loot.

Anywho, The Grown Up By Gillian Flynn


was a perfect little FREE gift included in one of my monthly boxes. Gillian Flynn is the Chicago author who wrote Gone Girl. She’s brilliant. The Grownup is a short, 62 pages. But, guys, this book was awesome!
Can we just talk about page one real quick?20170724_163248

Like, what?
I literally caught myself nervously glancing around the lunchroom paranoid that someone would see what I was reading & be like… “what is this girl into?”
Many twists & turns later, I closed the book. My feelings on Gillian Flynn completely solidified. She’s a master at giving you emotional whiplash.